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The fast CAD / CAM-Software for your CNC-Programming

Our professional CAD / CAM-Software for CNC machines for a fast and simple CNC-programming of machines like milling machines, portal milling cutter, engraving machine or turning lathe. CNC-Programming strategies like Milling, Drilling and Turning as well as Laser technologies are becoming easier than ever before. No matter how complex your workpiece is, with the CAM system vectorcam you`ll permanently save a lot of time and effort.

CNC Milling with vectorcam

The CAM-Software vectorcam is an essential tool for your CNC-programming and provides different milling strategies

The best CAD / CAM-Software for your CNC-Programming

CNC for milling machines – software from the market leader

Our CNC programming software provides unprecedented possibilities especially for controlling milling machines no matter what machine it is. vectorcam includes strategies and functions like thread milling, collision testing, HSC milling or tool paths depending on raw parts. The software also enables features like simultaneous milling / milling, roughing and finishing with 5 axes. An automatic detection of residual material ensures resources and equipment.

Intuitive and easy handling

For programming milling machines, engraving machines as well as various machines for drilling, turning, wire EDM etc., vectorcam offers various machining strategies. Thanks to the intuitive handling vectorcam is easy to use and fast to learn. That’s why you won`t waste any time while changing to vectorcam as your software for CNC programming for CAM or CAD. Through the modular structure vectorcam can be configured for your specific application areas. Thereby we can also guarantee a perfect price performance ratio.

CAM-System for CNC – Milling, drilling, laser etc.

The CAM- Modules of the self-explanatory software give you access to extensive basic and complex functionalities for your machine control. This includes for instance fully associative toolpaths, 3D simulation, CNC data transmission and generation of postprocessors. vectorcam also provides multiple clamping operations.

An impressing CAD software

In addition to our powerful CAM for CNC, we also offer an efficient CAD program that allows the user to construct any 2D and 3D geometries. Highlights of the CAD program are the numerous import interfaces and the 3D volume modeling. Our 2D / 3D CAD software can be purchased directly in our shop as a download (2D CAD / 3D CAD).

CAM-Software and CAD-Program – Overview

In a clear matrix you can compare the functions of the modules for milling / drilling as well as turning / mill turning. This allows you to decide which CNC software package you need, so you can save additional costs for unnecessary functions. Click here for the CNC overview.

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