2D/2,5D Milling

CNC Software Milling

Milling and drilling on 2d-contours.

Feature milling

CNC Software features

2D/2,5D CNC programming direct on 3D-CAD models.

3D Milling

CNC Software 3d milling

3D roughing / finishing on 3D-CAD models.


process of metal machining by mill

Up to 70 % time saving with HSC milling.

4 axis Milling

CNC Software 4 axis milling

Rotary milling, pockets, contour, engraving, drilling etc.

5 axis Milling

Production of automotive engine

with the market leader of these industry.

Turn / Millturn

CNC Software Production of automotive engine

2 axis turning or milling and turning on one machine.


CNC Software Close-up process of metal drill machining

Includes drill-assistant and automatic drill hole detection.

Wire EDM/Cutting


Wire EDM, flame-, plasma cutting, waterjet, laser, laser marking or cutting plotter.



Engraving and milling of photos.



Reliable testing of all toolpaths



Create 2d-contours or 3d models.


  • practical
  • perfect price-performance ratio
  • continuous customer-oriented further development
  • using advanced development tools
  • guaranteed for the future
  • support of latest computertechnologies (32 / 64 Bit)
  • fully associativity and flexibility
  • Integration of vectorcam in every business organisation

Reduce your production time permanently and establish your CNC program up to 80% faster with our different modules. vectorcam is a modern 2d / 3d CNC-programming system and convinces with an easy and intuitive handling. The modular organization guarantees an optimal cost-performance ratio. 2d geometries as well as complicated 3d model data can be programmed with vectorcam in a very fast way.

CNC Software with full associativity


Full associativity between geometry and CNC-machining

Any tool paths are fully associative. Every defined parameter of the program can be edited, geometry changes can be conducted and implemented into an existing CNC-machining. Furthermore, it is possible to save finished CNC programs as a standard and reuse it for other geometries. As a consequence you`ll considerable reduce your programming efforts.

Post processors

The CNC Software vectorcam calculates CNC tool paths, that are independent of machine and controlling. A modern post processor technique produces the entire CNC program based on a neutral format. Perfect adapted post processors provide for a coherent CNC code.