CAD SoftwareCreate easily your technical solutions on the computer with our CAD Software. The basic CNC programming piece geometries can be constructed in the CAD field. The workpiece geometry can be a 2D contour or a 3D model. Workpiece geometries are either imported into vectorcam by using interfaces or they are in the CAD field constructed.

  • It is possible to import CAD-data with the help of integrated or optional interfaces: STEP, IGES, STL, DXF, XYZ, Rhino, Open Cascade, JPG/BMP/PNG/TIFF/GIF, PLC, HPGL, Windows Clipboard uvm.
  • SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Catia, SAT, JT, Inventor, Parasolid etc.


CAD Software – Highlights:

  • production of any 2- and 3-dimensional objects
  • high-capacity functions within modeling methods
  • unproblematic, additional editing


2D / 3D wire- / edgemodeling

In this type of construction, the user draws geometries by using points, lines, circles / arcs or curves.

A large-scale drawing capabilities enable rapid design of the required geometry data:

CAD Software 2D / 3D wire- / edgemodeling

  • Interfaces: DXF, XYZ, PLC, BMP/JPG, HPGL, Windows Clipboard etc.
  • simple drawing of points, lines, circles or curves (Splines)
  • full 3D support
  • rectangle, ellipse, offset-/Parallelcontour
  • rounded corners
  • Chamfer
  • Extend of lines, arcs, and splines
  • Changing the geometry attributes: width, line style and color
  • Connecting elements (Trim)
  • Offset, reflecting, zoom in, zoom out or rotation of elements
  • Large-scale dimensioning functions, including automatic dimensioning
  • Print and plot in full color
  • Line- and hatch-type-library
  • LayertechnologyCAD Software vector cad model
  • faster access to common functions by using the right mouse button
  • comfortable selecting of geometrical elements
  • Direct analysis of any elements of size, element type, contour lengths and other properties
  • automatic calculation of surface areas of closed contours with islands
  • Measuring of distances and / or the angle between lines in 2D and 3D
  • dynamic coordinate system / free construction planes
  • 3D description
  • and many more!


3D Surface modeling

In the surface modeling you are able to construct the outer skin of a 3D model. For modeling, a wide range of functions are avaliable:

  • Interfaces: STEP, IGES, STL, DXF, XYZ, Rhino, Open Cascade, PLC, BMP/JPG, HPGL, Windows clipboard etc.


  • Rotation of surface
  • Freeform-surfaceCAD Software 3D Surface modeling
  • netsurface
  • Coons surface
  • Swept surface
  • Swung surface
  • YZ-Profil surface
  • Birail surface
  • Plane surface
  • different 3D-curve calculations
  • surfaces triangulate
  • surface of points
  • Generation of transitions in complex areas by blending of surfaces with tangential transitions.
  • Creating of a flat surface by choosing any shaped, closed contour with or without islands.
  • Trimming of individual areas of curves and surfaces
  • Generation of boundary curves of surfaces
  • Trim / Untrim of trimmed surfaces
  • Extending and splitting of surfaces
  • Easy creation of blocks, spheres, cylinders and other forms
  • generation of Z-sections through 3D surface by entering the desired depth sections
  • Shaded 3D description (OpenGL)
  • and much more


Examples of various surface features:

Tangential interface surface

CAD Software surface features

Birail – surface

CAD Software Birail surface

Changing a 3D-point cloud into a 3D-surface

CAD Software changing 3d point cloud into 3d surface

3D Solid modeling

The solid modeling is done with Alibre Design. In solid modeling the whole body of a model is constructed. The construction is parametric. That means: Each defined demension can be changed back later to normal. All depending datas are automatically recalculated and the model is updated.

  • complete parametric 3D Solid-modeling.
  • Creating dependencies based on outlinging features
  • Boolsche Operations
  • Bi-directional 2D-drawing-deduction
  • Variant construction
  • Metal module for folding and unfolding of sheet metal
  • Excel spreadsheets interface
  • Associative 2D drawing, detailing
  • parts, assemblies
  • creating explosion-views
  • Assembling and BOM-generator
  • Excel Add-In for steering onwards separate parts or assemblies via parameter
  • Alibre Photorenderer for photo-realistic images
  • Interfaces: DXF/DWG, Step 203/214, SAT, STL, IGES, SolidWorks, CSV
  • Optional Interfaces: Inventor, Parasolid, Pro/E, Solid Edge, Catia etc.
  • and much more


3D Photo-rendering

The CAD designed assemblies or parts can be passed directly to a photo-rendering program. It produces amazingly realistic images of your products. With a few simple steps the user can produce deceptive realistic “Product-photos”.

Even the most complex reflections, refractions and blur effects are shown absolutely realistic. What once took hours or days now takes a matter of minutes. And this: without special know-how or special hardware requirements!

CAD Software 3D Photo-rendering
CAD Software Photo rendering