Comprehensive 3D Milling

efficient roughing, finishing and milling

3D Milling

Collision check in 3D Milling module

With the module 3D Milling vectorcam provides an advanced technology for the calculation of 3D toolpaths. Both simple and complex parts can be programmed in a very fast way.

The editing occurs within specified areas or raw part depending. A collision monitoring observes the model geometry as well as defined clamping and machining limits during the whole calculation of milling paths.

From Highspeed Cutting to removal of rest material

vectorcam has a variety of machining strategies available. They enable a high-quality machining of free-forms up to the smallest detail. This offers optimal processes for an efficient and economical production. The 3D module includes among other things Highspeed Cutting, zigzag finishing and automatical removal of rest material.

Fast Roughing

reduces milling terms about more than 70%

powerful machining strategies

for a fast and efficient cnc programming


providing maximal protection of tools and material

efficient Z-Level roughing with rest milling

for removal of rest material

Collision check

for controlling machining processes

Defined blank geometry to avoid air cuts

in any three dimensional forms

Powerful strategies for 3D milling with vectorcam

  • Z-Level roughing
  • Z-Level roughing with rest milling
  • surface finishing contour parallel or zigzag shape (any angle)
  • Efficient processing of individual surfaces
  • surface-milling within any area, defined by the user
  • Roughing within a defined block
  • Text engraving on surfaces (Windows fonts)
  • Face milling on a curve
  • finishing between two contours
  • Profile pockets with variable profile geometry
  • Z-constant finishing contour-parallel
  • Star-shaped surface milling
  • Projection milling
  • Simple processing of 3D contours and NURBS splines
  • Generating and projecting from edge curves as milling-boundary-contour
  • etc.

Machining processes with 3D Milling

3D Milling Fast roughing

Fast roughing

Fast and efficient removement of high material amounts is the most important requirement for an economic machining. vectorcam offers different strategies for roughing your workpieces.

The function “Fast roughing” removes high material amounts via high deliveries followed by smaller Z-constant upward cuts. This method reduces the milling time of a CNC machine up to 70 % and more.

In the left picture you see the steps through high plunging depth. In the second picture those steps were removed by smaller Z-constant upward cuts. The right picture shows the appropriate tool paths.

33D Milling HSC Roughing

HSC roughing

The HSC strategy is amongst others characterised by a soft tangential tool path.

Further advantages:

  • low lateral displacement with an optimal pressure angle
  • low tool demands = higher tool life
  • full use of length of cut
  • short machining time
  • soft tangential tool paths

Stock material pending roughing

Another important point for a fast and efficient CNC machining is the avoidance of air cuts. The picture shows tool paths in a standard operation, which adopts a rectangle (boundering box) as a stock material.

For the avoidance of those air cuts the function uses a defined stock material geometry. The stock material geometry can adopt any 3-dimensional forms.

3D Milling avoiding ait cuts

3D Milling


vectorcam offers a variety of 3D finishing strategies. Choose one of the different methods, which is the most suitable for the model form.

  • Finishing contur parallel
  • Finishing x-parallel or along an angle
  • Projection-finishing (along any contours)
  • spiral-shaped finishing
  • rest material finishing
  • star-shaped finishing, within center or radial from a selected point
  • Finishing between 2 curves
  • UV-oriented finishing
  • Z-constant finishing
  • Model silhouette
  • and many more

3D Milling Finishing

3D Milling finishing 2

3D Milling x parallel finishing

3D Milling engraving


With 3D Engraving any texts and geometries can be projected on a 3D model. The machining occurs in several deep cuts.

3D Milling Rest material

Rest material

Usually it costs pretty much time to remove rest material manually. vectorcam removes the rest material and provides best results.

The Z-constant rest material machining identifies and edits areas, that has to be produced with smaller tools (end mill cutter, bullnose end mill, ball end mill).

See for yourself!

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Improving 3D milling processes through multiple clamping

3D Milling multiple clamping

By simultanously clamping a number of components user reduce terms of cnc machines and improve the efficiency.

An integrated module gernerates automatically a complete process based on one or more programmed components. Tools and operations will be summarized and resorted. As a result the machining processes and tool changes are becoming shorter and more efficient.

Next to multiple clamping vectorcam also supports horizontal and vertical machining:

  • Improvement of tool paths
  • Improvement of tool changes
  • Full support of workpiece neutral points (G54, G55, …)
  • Improvement of rotary table
  • And many more