Wire EDM and CuttingThe module Wire EDM and Cutting is used for wire-cut EDM, flame cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting, lasing / laser marking and cutting plotter. Within those types of machining there are often 2d-contours applied. The contours consist of lines, arc of circles, nurbes, spline curves or any combinations of the different element types. A nesting module distributes the work pieces on a table considering iron sheet size, edge distance, part distance etc. Therefor the user has the choice between a module for a simple rectangle nesting and a module for contour nestling.Wire EDM and Cutting After nestling the user defines the machining order and direction, contour approach and depart as well as technology data for the cutting process.

Laser and other flat cutting processes occur fully automated with only one instruction. Within this function any relevant machining data can be defined. During the process the user retains the entire control. A sorting function calculates either the user defined data or automatically the optimal machining order. At the same time ingates / micro-junctions as well as different technology data can be defined.  
Wire EDM and CuttingWith the wire-EDM module the user creates NC-programs for 2-/4axis machining. Efficient processing routines guarantee a short programming time and high reliability. For 2d or 4d contours vectorcam generates roughing cuts and finishing cuts for stamps or matrixes.

  • Automatic calculation of inputs and extension path
  • Automatic wire threading and wire cut
  • Automatic positioning
  • Automatic calculation of starting positions
  • Circulating and variable conic
  • Surface machining
  • Pendulum-cut
  • Destructive cut
  • Etc.