A rounding at the outer edge marked in RED is to be milled on the component shown in Figure 1. For the calculation of the cutter paths, e.g. with a ball nose or radius/torus cutter, vectorcam requires a 2D contour.

This contour can be generated in different ways (Figure 2):

  • Design in the CAD part of vectorcam
  • Import from another CAD system via DXF interface
  • Import a 3D CAD model via the integrated CAD interfaces and extract the edge to be rounded from the part It does not matter whether the rounding is present on the 3D model or not.

First the body edge of the component is selected. Then the user selects the milling function for the rounding. Alternatively, he can call up a machining strategy that has already been stored. All necessary parameters such as rounding radius, tool, surface quality (roughness depth) etc. are predefined here and can be accepted or changed. (Figure 3)

Finally, the simulation shows the milling paths for machining the component or rounding. (Figure 4)