3+2 Achs Indexieren in Maschine

3+2 axes indexing

The fastest way to multi-page machining

With 3+2 axis indexing, the part can be machined in any orientation. The alignment of the axes in the respective angular position is performed automatically by vectorcam. The positioning of the 4th and 5th axes can be used with any vectorcam milling and drilling function. 

The alignment of the axis cross in the desired machining plane is done by simply clicking on the flat surface. A time-consuming definition of individual coordinate systems or auxiliary constructions is completely eliminated. This makes NC programming of indexed machining operations with vectorcam very fast and simple.

3+2 or 3+1 indexed axes are supported. The output in the postprocessor is done with the machine or control-specific cycles (PLANE STATIAL/ZYKLUS 19 for Heidenhain or CYCLE800 for Siemens controls). On machines without their own swivel cycle, the calculation is taken over by vectorcam.


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The fast multi-page machining
  • Simply click and program without auxiliary constructions
  • Any orientation
  • Machine independent programming
  • Can be used with all milling and drilling functions
  • Automatic alignment in the postprocessor
  • Use of the control cycle (PLANE SPATIAL, CYCLE800 etc.)
  • Easiest handling
Powerful & user-friendly multi-page editing
Processing levels

An outstanding strength of vectorcam is the very fast and simple alignment of the axis cross to the respective machining plane. Without additional constructions or time-consuming generation of zero points, the axis cross is aligned by simply clicking on a flat or rotationally symmetrical surface. 

Each drilling and milling operation can then be defined immediately. The axis alignment is stored in the respective machining job. The postprocessor automatically generates the appropriate axis rotations and zero offsets

Machining planes

  • Alignment on flat surfaces
  • Alignment in the center of cylindrical surfaces
  • Click and program
  • Simple and fast
  • Can be used immediately without additional functions
  • No auxiliary constructions necessary
  • Machine neutral
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Milling and drilling functions

Every drilling and milling strategy of vectorcam can be used for indexing the 4th and/or 5th axis. Even 2D/2.5D milling up to 5-axis simultaneous machining can be programmed as usual.  

Complex special functions, auxiliary constructions and zero point tables are completely eliminated. This makes the programming of multi-axis CNC machining centers child's play.  

Our philosophy: "Just do it"! 

Machine independent

NC programming is completely independent of the machine. Intelligent postprocessors decide independently how to swivel in the axes available on the CNC machine. 

Regardless of whether the zero offsets are calculated via a cycle in the machine control or controlled via the vectorcam postprocessor, vectorcam can do both.

Machine simulation

In the simulation, the workpiece, the blank, tool paths, tools incl. holders, clamping devices, etc. are displayed. Numerous setting options allow the most diverse representations up to the machine simulation. The complete machining process can thus already be fully controlled on the PC.

This not only reduces your machine downtimes, but also increases safety throughout the entire process. 

Numerous functions and analyses show information such as machining times, max. traverse paths/ranges, various measuring functions, color-coded analyses, etc. 

Simulation can take place in the single block, subsequent block or per machining operation. The user can jump directly: to the next operation, to a selected operation, directly to the end, and so on.


  • Complete display of the machine simulation
  • Simulation sequence in single block/following block/per operation
  • Fast forward/rewind, jumps within operations
  • Display of machining times (separate display for rapid traverse paths - feed paths)
  • Hide/transparent display of workpiece blank, part, fixtures, toolpaths, tool incl. holder geometry
3+2 Achsen Indexieren

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