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vectorcam 4 axis milling

vectorcam 4 axis milling

With vectorcam's 4-axis simultaneous milling, you can easily perform milling operations with one rotary axis. The programming of contours, pockets or engravings on the surface of a rotating body or 3D shapes can be programmed quickly and easily.

If no 3D CAD data is available, sophisticated CAD functions are available for unrolling or projecting 2D/3D geometries on rotary bodies. Any contours or all Windows fonts are suitable for 4-axis engraving.

3D figures can be processed very conveniently with rotary finishing. The infeed is constant, spiral or along a guide curve.

The 4-axis module can be used for milling machines or a lathe with driven tools. A retrofitted 4th axis on a milling machine is also supported.


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  • 4 axis engraving
  • 4 axis pocket milling
  • 4 axis contouring
  • 3D rotary milling
  • 4 axis machining from 2D contour
  • 4-axis milling along guide curve
  • Wrap contours onto cylinder
  • Wrap on any profile contour
  • Any rotation axis (A, B or C axis)
4 axis engraving of fonts/patterns

With 4-axis engraving, marking/engraving on rotationally symmetrical parts is child's play.

The processing is generated on geometry elements that have already been processed. If these are not available, suitable geometries can be generated very quickly from 2D fonts/patterns. The integrated CAD function is used to wrap the 2D texts/patterns onto any cylinder.

Engraving is carried out with one or more depth infeeds along a rotation axis selected by the user.

4 axis engraving

  • Any texts/patterns/windows fonts
  • CAD function for wrapping geometries
  • several depth feeds
  • any rotation axis
  • and much more.
2D contour 4 axis milling

With this function, 4-axis machining can be generated very quickly from a 2D contour without the need for complex construction of a 3D model. The contour is wrapped internally onto a cylinder and machined. All necessary parameters are recorded and implemented in dialog.

Machining is without radius correction to the left or right of the contour, with or without offset. The contour is milled to the specified depth with one or more infeeds.

2D contour with 4 axis milling

  • No 3D geometry necessary
  • Freely selectable axis of rotation
  • quick and easy handling
  • one or more depth cuts
  • automatic radius correction
4 axis pocket milling

4-axis pocket milling clears any contour pocket on the circumference of a 3D model parallel to the contour. The edge contour of the pocket geometry is completely sufficient for the calculation of the 4-axis milling cutter paths.

The axis of rotation is freely selectable. By simply clicking on a rotation surface of the 3D model, the rotation axis is aligned in no time at all. 

Processing is carried out with one or more depth infeeds, with or without offset. The cutting width determines how far the tool should be engaged.

4 axis pocket mill

  • Any pocket shape on the circumference of a 3D model
  • freely selectable axis of rotation
  • one or more depth cuts
  • easy handling
4 axis contour milling

With 4-axis contour milling, contours lying on a circumference are finished. Processing is carried out with one or more depth cuts. Depending on the strategy selected, the tool axis is oriented along the contour, the surface normal of the floor surface or the wall surfaces.

A lead-in/lead-out ensures a smooth entry/exit to the contour.

The axis of rotation is freely selectable. By simply clicking on a rotation surface of the 3D model, the rotation axis is aligned in no time at all.

4 axis contour milling

  • Any contour shape on the circumference of a 3D model
  • freely selectable axis of rotation
  • One or more depth cuts
  • smooth approach/departure to the contour
  • easy handling
3D contour milling
4 axis rotary mill

Rotary milling allows free-form shapes to be machined rotationally. 3D models in STL format can also be rotationally milled without any problems.

Various strategies enable universal use. The milling paths run either along the rotation axis or around the rotation axis. Depending on the strategy selected, the infeed is constant, helical or based on a guide curve.

The user uses the interpolation tolerances to determine the quality of the surfaces on the component.

4 axis rotary mill

  • Universally applicable
  • Rotary machining of 3D shapes
  • Rotational machining of STL molds
  • Milling paths along the axis of rotation
  • Milling paths around the rotation axis
  • Infeed constant, helix or guide curve
  • and much more
3D rotary milling

What our customers say

"I would like to thank all vectorcam employees for the friendly and speedy solution to our problem. We appreciate this service immensely. Kind regards and a big thank you from Switzerland."

Daniel Boesch | Hitachi Energy Ltd.

Thanks to vectorcam, we now have completely new possibilities in production. From relatively simple components at the beginning, we can now process complex 3D contours thanks to VECTORCAM and save a lot in production by shortening the work paths. Programming and support works flawlessly. Our best decision since the foundation of our company!

Timo Dasing, Timo Dasing -Zerspanung & Industriemontage

We found the training and support during the introduction phase of the program by vectorcam GmbH very commendable. Questions that still arise sporadically one year after the introduction are answered quickly and competently by the hotline of vectorcam.


We also find vectorcam's hotline optimal. It is fast, flexible and uncomplicated, which we really appreciate, especially in today's fast-paced world.

H. Kittner GmbH

We can't imagine ever working without 'vector' again - there is no better CAD/CAM system for us.

Feinmechanik Klein GmbH

There are plenty of extremely inexpensive software solutions that run optimally on the machines. Like the vectorcam system, for example, which we use.

Haas Europa

Basically I can say that the decision for vectorcam was one of my best decisions and still is today.

Tattoo Tools

vectorcam is very easy to learn and intuitive to use. We are able to teach new employees the basic knowledge for drawing workpiece contours or drawing and generating NC data for our engraving machine within a few hours.

Knauf Schmuckdesign

We have been working with vectorcam for over 17 years now and are still very satisfied. The service is fast and very accessible. Thanks to the update service, the latest vectorcam version is always available, which enables smooth operation despite increasing complex requirements.

Jan Kirmse

We like working with vectorcam because it is easy to use and delivers exact results very quickly. The milling structures that vectorcam generates are also always convincing.

Zahnradfabrik Hoeltje

With the new vectorcam version and the user interface, we now produce much faster. We achieve our goals with significantly fewer clicks. And best of all, our machine runtimes have also shortened considerably. Thank you vectorcam! Keep it up!

MG Technics

For our precision engineering and laser processing, we work with the 4-axis module from vectorcam. We use it to laser a wide variety of contours in different tubes. The results are absolutely satisfactory and the operation of the software is very simple.

Askea Feinmechanik GmbH

Even with simple drilling programs, we produce up to 70% faster and more effectively with vectorcam. At the same time, the error rate has dropped, which gives us security within production. In addition, there is a very good, fast and, above all, reliable service. Super!

Herzog CNC Zerspanung

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