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4-axis CNC milling

Acceleration of CNC production with vectorcam

The 4-axis module impresses with its user friendliness. Simple contours or pockets can be made without having a 3D model available.

A job performed in 4-axis simultaneous milling can be output with absolute coordinates or in TCP mode. As a result, these jobs can also be performed on machines with a retrofitted 4th axis.

Workpieces machined in the 4-axis module can be forwarded to different machines. Thus, it is possible to machine the workpiece on a milling machine, but also on a lathe with driven tools.


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4-axis simultaneous milling with numerous commands to accelerate your CNC production
Engrave contour

Two-dimensional contours can be unwound on a cylinder and then engraved on a fourth-axis machine in multiple feeds.

Engrave contour
3D contour milling

Contours on the circumference can be leveled 4x simultaneously. The tool can be aligned either radial, along the surface normal or along the wall surface. A gentle start / stop towards the contour is generated automatically.

3D contour milling
4x pocket milling parallel to the contour

With this feature, pockets located around the circumference can be cleared out on a 3D model.

4x pocket milling parallel to the contour
3D rotary milling

Three-dimensional surfaces are machined on a fourth axis. You have the option of dividing the blank into individual sections along the axis of rotation or in paths around the axis of rotation. When working around the rotation axis, you also have the option of working with a spiral-shaped infeed. Unnecessary startup and end movements are avoided.

3D rotary milling
  • 4-axis engraving / pocket milling / contour machining
  • 4-axis machining on contours and surfaces
  • 3D rotary milling

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