5-Axis Simultaneous Milling

5-Axis Simultaneous Milling

Benefit from the 5-Axis Simultaneous Milling module which is the most widely used 5-Axis CAM software in the industry. More than 70% of all CAD / CAM providers already use this high-quality module for CNC programming of 5-axis simultaneous machining.

For example, end mills, torus cutters, ball cutters, conical cutters and lolipop cutters can be used for 5-axis simultaneous milling. Furthermore, the tool shank, the extension and the holder are taken into account.


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Multi-axis finishing

In multi-axis finishing, different ways of connecting the milling paths ensure fast and efficient processing of the blanks. These are limited over the surfaces. Both the holder collision and the tilting methods allow the use of shorter tools. In order to avoid unnecessary machine movements, there is also the possibility to fix axes and thus only rotate around a certain selected axis.

Multi-axis finishing supports a variety of machining strategies, such as between two curves, surfaces or parallel to an angle and many more.

5X simultaneous roughing

An important prerequisite for economical production is the fast and efficient removal of large quantities of material. Therefore, vectorcam offers various 5x simultaneous roughing strategies for roughing your workpieces. The software offers the same strategies as the 3D milling (Offset or adaptive trochoidal) which can be performed parallel to the ground or top surfaces parallel or morphed between both surfaces.

Swarf machining

The "Swarf machining" is the most popular  module in 5-axis milling. A high surface quality through the use of the entire cutting edge of the tool, a shorter processing time is possible, thus saving valuable time. Toroidal, cylindrical, spherical or conical cutters can be used.

  • HSC-Roughing
  • Powerful finishing options
  • Full collision control
  • Individual connection possibilities of the milling paths
  • Reduction of machining time by milling
  • Various possibilities of boundries in machining

Powerful strategies in 5-axis simultaneous milling with vectorcam

  • Roughing & finishing of 3D surface / solid models
  • Rest material roughing
  • Blank-dependent machining
  • Swarf machining
  • 5x simultaneous finishing (parallel cuts, intermediate curves, morphs between surfaces etc.)
  • Full collision control (tool, holder)
  • Individual tilting methods for the tool (automatic, along tool axis etc.)
  • Individual entries / exits to the component (automatic bow, tang bow, etc.)
  • Efficient retreats (plane, bullet, cylinder or automatic)
  • Machining individual surfaces
  • Various boundries on surfaces
  • ... and many more

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