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vectorcam 5 axis milling

5 axis simultaneous milling with the market leader

Take advantage of the most widely used 5-axis CAM software in the industry!

Over 60% of all CAD/CAM providers on the market rely on this high-quality NC programming software for 5-axis simultaneous machining.

The vectorcam solution offers a comprehensive and flexible selection of strategies for creating short and efficient toolpaths. It supports the entire range of 5-axis machine tools currently available on the market.


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  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Proven and in daily use thousands of times over
  • Powerful 5-axis roughing functions
  • HSC roughing
  • Powerful 5-axis finishing operations
  • Full collision control incl. holder
  • Individual connection options for the milling paths
  • Reduction of machining time through swarf milling
  • Supported machine types table/table, table/head, head/head
Multi axis roughing

The fast and efficient removal of large quantities of material is an important prerequisite for economical production. The vectorcam multi-axis module contains sophisticated strategies for 5-axis roughing of your workpieces.

Each function offers a wide range of options for approach/departure and linking, including collision control for tool and holder. Machining is carried out using “bottom parallel cuts”, “top surface parallel” or “morphing between bottom and top surfaces”. The cutter paths run parallel to the contour or adaptive/trochoidal (HSC milling).

Other highlights include residual material roughing, blank-dependent machining to avoid unnecessary air cuts and tool axis control.

Multi-axis roughing

  • Sophisticated 5-axis roughing strategies
  • Tool and holder collision control
  • HSC milling (trochoidal)
  • rest mill roughing
  • stock-dependent machining
  • Smooth approaches and departures
  • Collision-free linking
  • and much more
Multi axis finishing

The 5-axis milling used in vectorcam is the most widely used module on the market. Numerous machining strategies generate perfect surfaces and short tool paths. The integrated collision check for the tool including holder and the various tilting methods prevent unnecessary machine movements and guarantee optimum NC programs.

Machining is carried out using parallel cuts, between two curves or surfaces, along a curve or UV-oriented and many more. In all 5-axis finishing operations, a wide range of sophisticated options are available for a wide variety of settings. Linking the cutter paths, soft approach and departure, smoothing methods, etc. are just a small selection of the possibilities. So you are equipped for all eventualities!

5-axis finishing

  • Perfect surfaces
  • Integrated collision checks
  • Numerous machining strategies
  • Various tilting methods
  • Sophisticated options for optimal tool paths
  • Tool axis control
  • and much more!
Swarf machining

Swarf milling is the most frequently used function in 5-axis milling. By using the entire cutting edge length of the tool, a high surface quality and a very short machining time are possible.

Torus, cylindrical, spherical or conical milling tools can be used for machining. In most cases, an integrated automatic system takes care of the correct synchronization for tool guidance along the surfaces to be milled. In addition, the user also has a large selection of adjustable options to choose from. This ensures perfect machining of your components at all times.

Swarf milling

  • Automatic synchronization of the tool
  • Integrated collision monitoring
  • Tool axis control
  • Controlled corner behavior
  • Numerous linking options
  • Smooth approach and departure
  • Multiple cuts
  • and much more!
Machine simulation

In the simulation, the workpiece, the stock, tool paths, tools including holders, clamping devices, etc. are displayed. Numerous setting options allow a wide variety of representations, including machine simulation. The entire machining process can therefore be fully controlled on the PC.

This not only reduces your machine downtimes, but also increases safety throughout the entire process.

Numerous functions and analyses display information such as machining times, maximum travel paths/ranges, various measuring functions, color-coded analyses, etc.

The simulation can be carried out in a single block, subsequent block or per machining operation. The user can jump directly: to the next operation, to a selected operation, directly to the end, and so on.


  • Complete display of the machine simulation
  • Simulation sequence in single block/following block/per operation
  • Fast forward/reverse, jumps within the operations
  • Display of machining times (separate display for rapid traverse paths - feed paths)
  • Fade-in/transparent display of stock, component, clamping devices, tool paths, tool incl. holder geometry

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