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Automation technology - Software special development

In automation technology we develop software modules individually tailored to a manufacturing process with the aim of completely automating the production process. In the following you will find some of our realized projects of the past years.

If you also have a need for the optimization of production processes, please let us know! We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer for your specific application.

DEFYO | Automated milling of foam inlets

Foam inlets are required in different areas. They are used in tool cabinets, desk, show case, van etc., where they arrange and fix different things.
With the help of the “FOAM-Designer” the customer forms the favored foam inlet in an easy and quick way. At first he has to determine the necessary inlet size. Afterwards the user places the favored goods on the foam inlet. As a support there is a database with a variety of elements from different areas. Of course it is possible to compile an individual, customer-oriented database with a free determined assortment.

After completing the inlet, the program calculates with one mouse-click the price and prints the offer. If the order is released, the production process starts automatically.

Any necessary data for milling foam inlet will be transferred into vectorcam automatically. vectorcam calculates the whole CNC program for any CNC machines.


The function „Auto-Laser“ produces automatically a CNC program for a CNC cutting process to cut a whole sheet. Appropriate contours can be drawn in vectorcam or be imported through different interfaces (DXF, STEP, IGES etc.) The order or selection direction, in which the contours are chosen or imported, doesn`t matter. A function merges and reorganises the contours like the user has defined. Inner and outer contours will be identified automatically. Consequently, contour approach and depart can be generated correctly.

For the approach and departure there are different forms and options available (with / without stop point, stop distance, approach and departure form, approach and departure radius etc.).

To have an economic process order with short moving paths the user chooses between different sort options (zigzag, optimal path, horizontal, vertical, clockwise, counterclockwise).

The result of this function is a full finished CNC-machining of all contours on the sheet.

Transport worms

In industrial applications, spirals are used, for example, in filling or conveying systems, in which the most varied conveying objects (bottles, cans, plastic bottles, etc.) have to be moved.

During the entire transport process, the objects to be conveyed must undergo the most varied movements, depending on the form and work step:

  • Change conveying speed
  • Distance of the conveyor objects vary
  • Turning / twisting the conveyed object
  • Group / singulate objects
  • Waiting moments at certain positions
  • and much more

A module integrated in vectorcam automatically calculates the complete run (screw conveyor).

The operation for calculating the so-called spiral conveyor is very simple. The different movements that the conveyor object makes during transport are determined on the basis of simple 2D geometries (object cross-section, motion / rotation / feed profile, etc.). Everything else is done by vectorcam automatically.

In addition, vectorcam also calculates the NC program for manufacturing the worm. Depending on the selected milling tool and defined machining parameters, the NC paths for a 4-axis milling machine are calculated and displayed on the screen.

Finally, the user can use the simulation to display the calculated toolpaths again on the screen. The result is the finished transport screw.

Postprocessors generate the NC program for the selected CNC machine at the touch of a button.

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