vectorcam is an advanced CAD/CAM software that has been successfully established on the market for more than three decades. Wherever CNC machines are used, vectorcam supports NC programming quickly - simply - precisely.

Our declared aim was and is to be able to offer an easy-to-learn and modular NC programming system with a very good price/performance ratio. This is the basis for our success and explains the high number of satisfied customers that we have been able to inspire with the software over the years.

vectorcam is used in NC programming for milling (2D / 2.5D / 3D up to 5-axis simultaneous milling), turning/turning/milling, wire EDM and cutting (water jet/laser/flame cutting etc.).

Post-processors are available for all common CNC controls, which have been extensively tested and are in daily use.

vectorcam has a modular structure and is individually adapted to the requirements of each customer.


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vectorcam areas of application
  • Metalworking and machining
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Tool- and mold making
  • Training and education
  • Aerospace technology
  • Special machine engeneering
  • Wood and plastics machining
  • Zulieferbetriebe
  • und viele mehr ...
vectorcam introduction to your company

Our technicians are available to you throughout the entire introduction phase of vectorcam in your company. They will assist you with all questions and support you in the NC programming of your components.

To ensure a smooth introduction, we attach great importance to training your employees in the use of vectorcam. Our training courses are specifically designed to train only employees from your company, rather than having mixed groups from different companies. In this way, we can tailor the introduction and commissioning to your specific requirements.

This is much more efficient and significantly shortens the implementation phase. This saves you time and money and you benefit very quickly from your investment!

Support from technicians for technicians

Our dedicated support team is ready to help you get the most out of vectorcam in your business. Our support specialists have practical experience and extensive knowledge of CAM systems and CNC machine processing.

We attach great importance to ensuring that you have contacts who understand your requirements and can quickly find solutions thanks to their practical experience. This enables you to use vectorcam efficiently. Our good reputation guarantees this quality.

Future oriented

Our continuous development ensures that your investments are secured for future challenges. We only use state-of-the-art tools in our software development and continuously integrate the latest trends in tool and machining technology.

vectorcam utilizes the full power of Microsoft Windows 64-bit technology and the latest computer technologies. Computing-intensive machining strategies are automatically executed with all available processors (multi-core, multi-threading), which significantly accelerates the calculation of NC paths.

So you are always up to date!


The connection between vectorcam and your CNC machine or controller is established by the postprocessors. These are optimized to create easy-to-understand NC programs for the machine operator.

Over the course of more than 30 years of experience, we have developed hundreds of postprocessors for all common CNC controls that are used by our customers on a daily basis.

We offer various solutions for transferring NC programs to the CNC machine, including DNC, network, USB and others.

Setup sheet / tool lists

The setup sheet provides an overview of the various processing steps of the component and the tools used. This enables the machine operator to set up the CNC machine with the required tools.

If desired, the set-up sheet can also contain a clamping plan for workpiece clamping. You determine the structure and content of the setup sheet. We customize the setup sheet according to your requirements, exactly as you need it.

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What our customers say

"I would like to thank all vectorcam employees for the friendly and speedy solution to our problem. We appreciate this service immensely. Kind regards and a big thank you from Switzerland."

Daniel Boesch | Hitachi Energy Ltd.

Thanks to vectorcam, we now have completely new possibilities in production. From relatively simple components at the beginning, we can now process complex 3D contours thanks to VECTORCAM and save a lot in production by shortening the work paths. Programming and support works flawlessly. Our best decision since the foundation of our company!

Timo Dasing, Timo Dasing -Zerspanung & Industriemontage

We found the training and support during the introduction phase of the program by vectorcam GmbH very commendable. Questions that still arise sporadically one year after the introduction are answered quickly and competently by the hotline of vectorcam.


We also find vectorcam's hotline optimal. It is fast, flexible and uncomplicated, which we really appreciate, especially in today's fast-paced world.

H. Kittner GmbH

We can't imagine ever working without 'vector' again - there is no better CAD/CAM system for us.

Feinmechanik Klein GmbH

There are plenty of extremely inexpensive software solutions that run optimally on the machines. Like the vectorcam system, for example, which we use.

Haas Europa

Basically I can say that the decision for vectorcam was one of my best decisions and still is today.

Tattoo Tools

vectorcam is very easy to learn and intuitive to use. We are able to teach new employees the basic knowledge for drawing workpiece contours or drawing and generating NC data for our engraving machine within a few hours.

Knauf Schmuckdesign

We have been working with vectorcam for over 17 years now and are still very satisfied. The service is fast and very accessible. Thanks to the update service, the latest vectorcam version is always available, which enables smooth operation despite increasing complex requirements.

Jan Kirmse

We like working with vectorcam because it is easy to use and delivers exact results very quickly. The milling structures that vectorcam generates are also always convincing.

Zahnradfabrik Hoeltje

With the new vectorcam version and the user interface, we now produce much faster. We achieve our goals with significantly fewer clicks. And best of all, our machine runtimes have also shortened considerably. Thank you vectorcam! Keep it up!

MG Technics

For our precision engineering and laser processing, we work with the 4-axis module from vectorcam. We use it to laser a wide variety of contours in different tubes. The results are absolutely satisfactory and the operation of the software is very simple.

Askea Feinmechanik GmbH

Even with simple drilling programs, we produce up to 70% faster and more effectively with vectorcam. At the same time, the error rate has dropped, which gives us security within production. In addition, there is a very good, fast and, above all, reliable service. Super!

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