Collision check with display of all movements.

With the help of the included free simulation software both tool path and removal can be simulated realistically. In the machine simulation, the corresponding machine can be represented, with which the blank is to be processed.

    The simulation includes the following features:

    • Rest material / removal check
    • Collision check
    • The already processed blank from the simulation can be exported again into further programming.
    • Processing times can be determined
    • Variance analysis
    • Measuring in the simulation
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    Checking all tool paths & collision checking thanks to CNC simulation

    Solid simulation

    The solid or removal simulation from the CNC simulation module enables a reliable testing of any tool paths. For example, a possible existing material allowence can be measured. The whole machining program will be shown graphically on the monitor. Optionally, raw part, tool paths, workpiece, tool incl. holder geometry as well as clamping means can be displayed. The user can individually hide / show or switch elements respectively set transparent. Material deviations can also be displayed in color. Then the program chooses between a simulation in single block, corollary, per operation, skip right to the end and many more. Obviously, switching between modes is possible at any time. The integrated collision check checks possible collisions between tool, workpiece and machine and also displays them. Additionally, the simulation determines the processing times of the program.

    The blank which has been processed in the simulation can be saved and afterwards processed further as STL. 

    Simulation with collision-check
    Machine simulation

    The machine simulation allows the complete control of the CNC machine with the corresponding kinematic movements. The collision check constantly monitors the CNC machining and displays all possible collisions in color and / or stops immediately.