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vectorcam lathe / millturn

Turning and millturning

The vectorcam turning module offers quick and easy NC programming of turned parts. Functions such as facing, rough turning, finishing, drilling, grooving, cutting off, thread turning etc. are very easy to use.

The latest developments, also from tool technology, are continuously integrated into vectorcam and guarantee efficient machining of your turned parts.

vectorcam combines all turning, drilling and milling operations into one unit for the NC programming of turn-milling machines. In this way, turning and milling operations can be combined very easily. CNC lathes with driven tools, C-axis and/or Y-axis can be easily controlled with vectorcam.

Optimally adapted post-processors deliver easy-to-read NC programs for the CNC machines.


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  • Face turning - roughing - finishing
  • Groove cut - roughing - finishing
  • Turn thread / thread groove
  • Integrated thread tables
  • Integrated tool and material database
  • Driven tools X-/Z-/C-/Y-axis
  • Use latest technologies
  • Combined turning and milling
  • Simulation
Face turning - roughing - finishing

For standard machining such as face turning, roughing and finishing vectorcam generates very short tool paths.

Face turning - roughing - finishing
Thread turning

For thread turning, different strategies with different delivery methods, both for constant chip cross section and constant cutting depth, are available. 

Through integrated thread tables it is possible to read-out thread data like increase, height of thread, flank angle etc. directly from tables and to adopt the data into the particular fields of the dialogue box. Annoying searches of data in table books become completely redundant.

Thread turning
Grooving - groove cut

With the "grooving" vectorcam roughs and smooths any geometry shape.

Grooving - groove cut

Drilling fast and comfortable in every level and every position as single or complete operation with the vectorcam module mill-turning.


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