Turning / Millturning

Efficient functions with many combination options.

Turning and millturning

CNC turning and turning milling is a rapidly growing market in the field of NC programming - especially when combined with milling and drilling. So-called multitasking machines enable very fast and complete machining of workpieces. With vectorcam these multitasking machines can be controlled.


For fast and easy NC programming of rotary milling machines, vectorcam combines numerous turning, drilling and milling operations into one unit in the Turning and Turning Mill module. This results in many possible combinations for multi-axis simultaneous turning machines which can be programmed quickly and efficiently.

Optimally adapted postprocessors provide the NC program for a wide variety of CNC machines. The ease of use, proven in vectorcam, allows easy and fast CNC programming even for these highly complex CNC machines.

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Efficient functions for CNC turning and turning milling

Face turning - roughing - finishing

For standard machining such as face turning, roughing and finishing vectorcam generates very short tool paths.

Face turning - roughing - finishing
Thread turning

For thread turning, different strategies with different delivery methods, both for constant chip cross section and constant cutting depth, are available. 

Through integrated thread tables it is possible to read-out thread data like increase, height of thread, flank angle etc. directly from tables and to adopt the data into the particular fields of the dialogue box. Annoying searches of data in table books become completely redundant.

Thread turning
Grooving - groove cut

With the "grooving" vectorcam roughs and smooths any geometry shape.

Grooving - groove cut

Drilling fast and comfortable in every level and every position as single or complete operation with the vectorcam module mill-turning.

  • Postprocessors
    for various CNC machines
  • Different strategies
    for threading
  • Integrated tool database
  • Very short tool paths
    for area face, roughing, finishing
  • integrated thread tables
    make table books unnecessary
  • Blank-dependent machining
    to avoid air cuts in any 2D & 3D shape
Grooving with vectorcam

Grooving with vectorcam

Get to know grooving with vectorcam. In addition, we will show you how the recessing looks directly on the CNC machine.