Multi-sided machining

Fast and comfortable multi-side machining

Multi-side machining with vectorcam

For a quick and easy multi-sided machining, the user can use all of vectorcam's editing strategies it without adding any additional information. For the right position, the unique alignment of the local axes of coordinates in the particular level is adequate.

For this purpose, various commands that automatically align the axbox with the model geometry are available for selection. The post processor for the CNC machine then does the rest automatically. Also, the decision as to which axes are swiveled in is decided by the postprocessor independently. For this he uses - if available - the swivel cycles of the machine.

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Optimization through multiple clamping

By simultaneously clamping several components, users reduce the running times on their CNC machines and as a result increase the efficiency. A module integrated in vectorcam automatically generates complete machining from one or more individually programmed components. Tools and operations are summarized and sorted. As a result the production on the machine and tool changes are shorter, optimized and more efficient.

In addition to multiple clamping, vectorcam also supports horizontal and vertical machining:

  • Improvement of tool paths
  • Improvement of tool changes
  • Full support of workpiece neutral points (G54, G55, …)
  • Improvement of rotary table
  • And many more