Multiple Clamping

Optimization through multiple clamping

Optimization through multiple clamping

With multiple clamping, several identical components are processed on one CNC milling machine. The clamping of several workpieces uses the machine's working space more effectively.

The programmer first programs a component completely. He then defines the desired zero points, depending on the number of components that are to be processed per clamping.

The module integrated in vectorcam automatically calculates a new complete program for all components from this information. Here, tools and the associated machining are re-sorted so that tool changes are reduced to a minimum.

In general, multiple clamping on one machine requires a higher set-up effort, which, however, pays off very quickly with larger lot sizes. The convenience of the vectorcam multi-clamping function, however, significantly reduces the programming effort.

The vectorcam function multiple clamping supports both simple linear clampings and clampings with clamping cubes or clamping towers etc. Each workpiece clamping is assigned a zero point shift, the rest is done automatically by the vectorcam function multiple clamping.

  • Advantages of vectorcam multiple clamping:
  • Tool path optimization, shorter run times
  • Better machine utilization, the machine runs unmanned for longer
  • Tool change optimization
  • Full support of workpiece zero points (depending on the control: G54, G55, etc.)
  • Turntable optimization
  • And many more…
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