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vectorcam wire EDM / cutting

Laser, wire EDM, cutting

The module CNC-Laser / Cutting can easily be used for wire EDM, flame cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting, laser / laser marking and cutting plotter. These types of machining usually use 2D contours consisting of lines, arcs, nurb spline curves, or any combination of these types of elements.

Taking into account the sheet size, edge distances, part distances, etc., a nesting module distributes the workpieces onto any panel. A module for simple rectangular nesting and a contour nesting module are available for this purpose. In addition, contours can also be positioned and moved dynamically.

After nesting, the user determines the order and direction of the machining, the contour start and exit, as well as the technology data for the cutting process.


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Laser / cutting

Cutting with a laser or with a plasma or flame cutting nozzle is fully automatic and also requires only one command. Within this function, the user defines all data relevant for processing. The user always retains full control. A sorting function calculates the optimal processing sequence either according to the user's specifications or automatically. At the same time, cuts / micro-bridges as well as various technology data can be defined.

In the following you will find a video about laser cutting with vectorcam, in which you will be shown some useful functions, tips and tricks.

CNC Laser
2/4 axis wire EDM

With the wire EDM module, the vector user creates CNC programs for 2- / 4-axis machining. Efficient processing routines guarantee a short programming time and high operational safety. For 2D or 4D contours, vectorcam also generates roughing cuts and finishing cuts for stamps or dies.

  • Automatic calculation of inputs and extension path
  • Automatic wire threading and wire cutting
  • Automatic positioning
  • Automatic calculation of the start position
  • Rotary and variable taper
  • Controlled surface machining
  • Pendulum cut
  • Destructive cut

Below you will find a video on wire EDM with vectorcam, in which we show some useful functions, tips and tricks.

2- / 4-axis wire EDM

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