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Flexible production with vectorcam

Göttinger Dreh- und Frästeile GmbH sets high standards for its products. Continuously increasing demands on parts led to Göttinger Dreh- und Frästechnik GmbH deciding to invest in CAD/CAM software. The aim was to reduce the running times of the components on the machines and to keep unproductive downtimes as short as possible.

The requirements for the new software included a good price-performance ratio, ease of use, service and a module for machine simulation. However, in addition to the wide range of applications within production, there were other reasons for the changeover. The increasingly complex components needed to be easier and faster to machine thanks to reliable 3D NC programming in order to achieve greater efficiency, including runtime savings in production. More flexible production with vectorcam User report Göttinger Dreh- und Frästeile GmbH After a recommendation from another vectorcam customer, careful consideration and a visit to the stand at EMO 2019 in Hanover, the company finally opted for the vectorcam CAD/CAM system.

The software is a professional CAD/CAM system for fast and extremely simple NC programming of CNC milling machines, portal milling machines, engraving machines, lathes, etc. The decisive factor for the decision was the user-friendliness, which allowed the software to be quickly integrated into the daily work routine. Other factors were the practice-oriented employees and a convincing price-performance ratio. The software could be quickly integrated into ongoing production thanks to a logical program structure and components already in production were reprogrammed with vectorcam after training. The time saved by the vectorcam software has had a consistently positive effect on processes and reduced machine downtimes.

"The implementation, as well as the adaptation of the post-processor, was carried out in close coordination with the (technical) staff at vectorcam. It was very positive that we could always reach someone if there were small changes or discrepancies. For our first project that was implemented with vectorcam, we received support from an employee with whom we jointly programmed the component." 

Christian Brune, Production Manager Milling Shop

Since purchasing the software in November 2019, all orders have been programmed with vectorcam. Over 90 projects have now been implemented (as of 08/2020). A number that would not have been possible with manual programming. The current version of the vectorcam CAD/CAM system is now running on a total of four 5-axis machines in the metalworking company's work preparation and programming department. As a universal CAD/CAM system, the software has the latest 2.5D to 3D machining strategies, including 5-axis simultaneous milling. The purchase of the software has paid off for GDFT GmbH, as Christian Brune explains further:

"Since we have been programming with vectorcam, we are much more flexible in production and can now cover many things that we didn't have the possibilities for before. We are delighted with how easy it is to learn the software and the new 3D roughing strategy saves us a huge amount of time."

The most important module for Göttinger Dreh- und Frästeile GmbH is the z-constant adaptive roughing from the vectorcam 3D milling module. This enables both simple and complex components to be machined quickly and effectively. The machine simulation including collision check ensures a smooth production process.

In summary, it can be said that Göttinger Dreh- und Frästechnik GmbH will continue to rely on the modular software solution from vectorcam for all its future projects.

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Company profile Göttinger Dreh- und Frästeile GmbH

Göttinger Dreh- und Frästeile GmbH was founded in 2003 and over the course of its existence has specialized in measuring and weighing technology, from the production of individual parts to series production. Orders generally include prototypes and assembly production for the medical technology and optics industries.

Göttinger Dreh- und Frästeile GmbH has a wide range of experience and is a service provider for stamping, bending and injection molding tools. It works together with relevant groups of companies throughout Europe and can offer complete solutions in this area. Modern CNC milling machines with up to 5 axes enable an economical and high-quality milling process. The company currently employs almost 60 people, including two trainees, under Managing Director Arnold Sommer.

The vectorcam CAD/CAM system was introduced in 2019 as part of a modernization of the machinery. Since then, production has been significantly accelerated and adapted to the company's changing requirements.

Göttinger Dreh- und Frästeile GmbH
Managing director: Arnold Sommer
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