The vectorcam CAM software: versatile and flexible to use

Examples of use

vectorcam customers come from a variety of different industries, such as metalworking and processing, aerospace technology, (special) mechanical engineering or wood and plastics processing.

They all have one thing in common: they always produce in the highest quality and are an important part of the manufacturing industry.

On this page you will find application examples in which industries vectorcam is successfully used.

These are our customers

  • Metal working and processing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Tool and mold making
  • Education and training
  • Aerospace technology
  • Special mechanical engineering
  • Wood and plastic processing
  • Suppliers
  • and many more ...
Machinery & Plant Engineering

Machine & plant engineering

In mechanical and plant engineering, the variety of different components is particularly large. CAM software is therefore indispensable for productive manufacturing.

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Tool & Mold Making

Tool & Mold Making

Punching and progressive dies, injection molds, deep-drawing tools, etc. Diverse and demanding manufacturing tasks that you can easily implement with the use of our vectorcam CAM software.

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Automotive industry

Automotive industry

The automotive industry is the largest sector in the manufacturing industry. CAM systems such as vectorcam are particularly important here for top-quality production with permanently changing tasks.

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Many reasons for vectorcam

1. Competent employees from the practice

We are at home in CAD/CAM - and CNC programming and love what we do. All our technicians have done their training in practice and can therefore give you valuable practical tips on how to use our software.

2. Software direct from manufacturer

The direct line to our programmer allows us to implement customer requests or projects as quickly as possible.

3. Optimal price-performance ratio

With vectorcam, you get powerful software that is nevertheless very cost-effective.

4. Flexible and innovative software that responds to individual needs

Flexible and effective machining strategies lead to very short machining times and guarantee the high quality of your workpieces.

5. Fast troubleshooting through direct contact with the technician

You can contact us with your questions and concerns at any time. Since we work without a ticket system, you will usually receive immediate feedback.

6. More than 30 years experience

With almost 30 years on the market, we can draw on many years of experience and expertise in a complex and fast-moving industry. This benefits you as a customer, because constant further development and innovations mean that you are always up to date.

7. Uncomplicated handling of the software

Through logical always the same dialogs, as well as dialogs with pictures to explain the parameters, the handling of the software is intuitive. The installation is uncomplicated and enables the quick use on your devices. Thus, you are quickly able to process both simple and complex workpieces.

8. No group training

Our trainings take place individually adapted to the customer, i.e. individual questions and wishes can be trained.

9. Continuous optimization process

In order to offer our customers the best possible software, we do not rest on our laurels. With us, all processes are scrutinized and optimized if necessary. Continuous further development of our software is our self-declared goal.

10. Supports all common machining processes

Whether milling, drilling, turning, cutting, wire EDM or laser/waterjet - our innovative CAD/CAM software vectorcam supports all common machining processes.

A selection of our customers

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