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Career orientation in a different way - The 8c visits vectorcam

The metalworking industry offers many career opportunities. Reason enough for the class 8c of the Marie-Durand-Schule from Bad Karlshafen to attend EMO 2019 as part of a vocational orientation. In this way, the pupils were able to gain their first insights into the many different occupations.

Thanks to a generous donation of the company vectorcam from Paderborn in Hanover, Germany, the class 8c was able to visit the EMO - the world's largest trade fair for metalworking on 16.10.2019. In addition to the information about the companies represented there, the students were given first insights into mechanical engineering and possible apprenticeships. There was a lot to see: Products manufactured on computer-controlled lathes and milling machines, videos about the companies and their products, dancing laser swords, vibrating robots, tools, measuring equipment, clamping tools up to CAD/CAM systems. Not to forget the political greats and the "give-aways", which consisted not only of calendars, bags and ballpoint pens. At the fair, the students informed themselves independently in groups about the various companies and their products and presented their results in the class afterwards. The visit to the fair was accompanied by the class teacher Mrs. Tischendorf and Mrs. Alheid.

Class 8c would like to thank the Förderverein and Vectorcam from Paderborn for making this visit possible. Unanimous conclusion: such a thing should be done more often. A visit to the fair - much more interesting than just reading books. [Source]

Thank you for visiting :)

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