Günter Böhning, Gery Póka, István Póka

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Our partnership with NCT from Hungary

Good business partners are important. Long-term cooperation is even more important. For this reason we took the opportunity at EMO 2019 in Hannover to present a small thank-you to our long-standing partner NCT in Hungary.

The company NCT was founded in 1982 in Hungary. The business idea of the controller and machine manufacturer was as simple as it was innovative: The development of a controller that could run on Windows. The control of the NCT machines can therefore be operated with the familiar Windows interface. The implementation of the Windows operating system enabled a direct installation of our vectorcam software on the controller. Thus, the machine operator can work directly on the machine with a simplified vectorcam version.

Almost exactly 30 years after their foundation, NCT and vectorcam became partners. Since 2007 NCT is an important sales partner of vectorcam in Eastern Europe. Reason enough to say thank you! So our managing director Günter Böhning made his way to the NCT booth at EMO 2019 and handed over a thank-you to the managing director Gery Póka who showed him the new NCT controls and machines.

We are happy about our partner in Hungary and hope for many more years of good cooperation!

Gery Póka shows Günter Böhning new developments 12 years of partnership with NCT[Translate to English:] NCT 304 CNC 19"Günter Böhning and Gery Póka Meeting at NCT booth at EMO 2019