Extreme runtime shortening with vectorcam

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Runtime shortening with vectorcam

The use of CAM software often leads to shortened running times. Same with vectorcam. The Physics Institute Erlangen saved a lot of time with the help of vectorcam and a few technical tips.

Today we would like to introduce you to another customer project. The Physikalisches Institut Erlangen has been a customer of vectorcam for six years. Now it was time to do another training, because the acquisition of a new 5-axis machine offered new production possibilities. In order to do justice to those, the employees received an advanced training in June 2019.

So on of our employees made his way to Erlangen and gave the employees of the Physical Institute a detailed vectorcam training. Over the course of the training, valuable tips and tricks on how to program the components even more efficiently were revealed. In addition, employees received technological support from the trainer. Not only were the milling strategies reworked, but also the tooling strategies were topic. In combination with our vectorcam software, the running time of this prism was shortened from six hours to 32 minutes.

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Prism - Physikalisches Institut ErlangenWe also support you technically. Shortening the running time with vectorcam - Prism Physikalisches Institut Erlangen