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vectorcam Update: New vectorcam Version

Some of you may already have noticed: For our maintenance customers, a new update is available for download! The vectorcam version 17.13.025 / 26 can now be downloaded in the personal customer area.

The individual modules of our CAD / CAM software are constantly revised to make tooling in metal, model and mold making even easier and faster. This is why the software also contains some new features in this update. In the revision of the vectorcam software, the main focus was on the module milling incl. NC features. The numerous extensions allow an even more user-friendly, faster and more efficient production.

Our new version can be found and downloaded by our customers in their personal download area. Detailed instructions on how to do a vectorcam update can be found here. For security reasons, we recommend performing a data backup before uninstalling.

The most important innovations at a glance

NC-Feature Outer Fillet

With this NC feature, outer fillet can be milled with a quarter-circle cutter as well as with a ball or torus cutter. The radius of the rounding is automatically displayed by the software and the intelligent tool preselection then proposes only tools with which the machining of the blank works on the desired parameters.

For certain types of milling cutters, such as a ball or torus milling cutter, the offset of the tool is calculated by specifying the roughness depth.

NC-Feature Inner Fillet

The "fillet" function enables quick and easy processing of the workpieces with a ball or torus cutter. After calling the function, vectorcam automatically displays the radius of the fillet. Subsequently, the intelligent tool preselection exclusively proposes tools with which the production of this machining works.

In the case of a ball or torus milling cutter, with a smaller radius than the groove to be produced, the offset of the tool is calculated by specifying the roughness depth.

NC-Feature Groove Milling

Helical drilling produces a three-dimensional helical machining. It can be used on the one hand for roughing and on the other hand for finishing. The hole diameter and depth are detected automatically by the CAM software. The output to the CNC program is optionally with and without radius compensation. With the drilling milling either a hole or a pin can be machined.

NC-Feature Slot Milling

The feature "slot" is a special machining strategy. Be processed straight and curved slots. After the function is called, vectorcam displays the width and depth of the slot. The milling paths then begin to dip in the center of the slot. Immersion depth and angle are determined by the user.

Finally, an intelligent tool preselection only proposes tools with which the production of this processing or size and shape of the elongated hole works.

This machining strategy is possible both with and without cutter radius correction. In order to determine the corresponding tolerance, a fitting table is available.

The user decides whether the workpiece should be roughed and leveled in one operation or whether the operations should be separated.

In order to avoid unnecessary start-up and shut-down movements, there is a choice between the Z-helical infeed and the classic infeed.


We would like to present you these and many other innovations personally at the EMO 2019 in Hanover. Visit us from 16.9. - 21.9.2019 at our booth in hall 9 | Stand A23.
We are looking forward to your visit!

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