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vectorcam training | Learn how to use our software more efficiently

Our customers often ask us if the software training we offer for vectorcam and the vectorcam modules is really necessary. We always answer with a clear "yes"! Why are these training sessions so important?

Having good software for the manufacturing processes is one thing. However, to benefit from the advantages of the CAD / CAM systems, a correct use of the system is also required. To quote Benjamin Britten said "learning is like rowing against the current; as soon as you stop, you go back." To avoid this backlash and to make the best use of the systems, many software vendors of all kinds offer training that offers numerous advantages for the respective companies.

Stay "up-to-date" thanks to software-training

In particular, the software area is a very fast moving area. Software or software components and modules are developed at regular intervals and adapted to the current state of the art. Not insignificant are current challenges, conditions and customer requirements, which influence the respective developments. To ensure that these constant changes continue to have a positive effect on the production processes, the respective users should regularly be able to familiarize themselves with the new functions and possibilities and to be trained. After all, these software training courses enable users to keep up with the numerous (new) developments. So you always stay up to date.

Extensive knowledge transfer

In the training courses, users are given the necessary know-how on how to use software profitably in the company. On the one hand, it's about the "basics" that serve as the basis for using software. On the other hand, of course, it is also about in-depth knowledge of the modules and components required and used in the company. In addition, training sessions can also address specific questions and examples that are important for use in the company. Anyone who has taken part in such training can quickly be used as a specialist (or as an "expert"), which is becoming increasingly important for a company and the company's development, especially in view of the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

Immediate application of the learned in practice

Another advantage is the direct practical implementation of the learned - in our case on the machine. Many times we have experienced that when buying our software was explicitly dispensed with a training. In most cases, however, after a short time there were more and more questions, without which the work stagnated. Of course you can also try it by learning by doing. This may work for some applications as well. However, in more complex situations, the long search for appropriate commands is a waste of useful resources such as time, material, and manpower. Training can spare these resources. After completion of the usually one to four-day training, the employees can apply the new knowledge immediately and thus start directly without any problems and without searching.

What is the use of a vectorcam training?

As a rule, our vectorcam training courses take place in our training center in Paderborn. This means that your employees have the necessary peace of mind to devote themselves fully to our software and thus to optimize their application. Your advantage is that we do not offer group training. Our training courses are individually tailored to your wishes and needs as well as the vectorcam modules you use.

Experience has shown that especially small companies refrain from training. The reason given is less the financial aspect than the temporal problem. This makes it much more difficult for small businesses to exempt employees from their daily work for training purposes. However, one should ask oneself whether this exemption would be useful for training. Certainly, then a worker for the duration of the training from, but can be saved in hindsight by the training significantly more time and optimize the production process. This increases the competitiveness of the company enormously, because through optimal use of the software, users can process their orders even more efficiently.

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