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On this site you can find frequently asked questions from our customers and the corresponding answers.

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Hardware requirements
  • You need at least:

  • Windows® Vista® / 7® / 8® /10®

  • Pentium / AMD Prozessor

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 1 GB  available hard-disk space

  • OpenGL capable graphics-card

  • 3-button-mouse with wheel

We recommend:

  • Windows® 7 /10® – 64 Bit-Version

  • Multi-Core Prozessor (i7)

  • 16 GB RAM

  • 1 GB available hard-disk space

  • NVIDIA® graphic cards with 4 GB graphic memory

  • 3-button-mouse with wheel


To work with an Apple computer, you will need additionally: Parallels® Desktop for Mac or an alternative program as well as Windows®. Of course, you can also use vectorcam in the "BOOTCAMP" on the Mac under Windows.

Annotation: The new Ribbon user interface from vectorcam does NOT work with Windows XP! You need minimum Windows7®.

How to install vectorcam?

Before you start the installation, make sure that you have administrator rights on your computer. If you are not sure, please contact your system administrator first.

You will need:

  • Login data for your personal customer area (please check the email you have recieved previously)
  • vectorcam installer
  • XSIM installer (for installing the vectorcam simulation)
  • your personal license data (User, Organization and Check)
  • the USB-Dongle

First download the vectorcam file from your customer area and save it on your PC. To start the installation double click on the downloaded file. The installation starts. Follow the instructions in the dialogs. Please note that the installation can only be carried out if the supplied dongle is connected to the PC.

After installation:
Login into your personal customer area once again. There you will find your license key. Copy the 

Loggen Sie sich abermals in Ihren Kundenloginbereich ein. Auf Ihrer persönlichen Kundenseite finden Sie ein Fenster in dem Ihr Lizensschlüssel steht. Copy the three-lined license key (User; Organization; Check) and open the folder in which you have installed vectorcam. There you will find a file named license.ini. If the file does not exist, please contact us.
Open the license.ini and insert your license key. Save the file. Please note that the the license.ini should be in the same folder as the vector.exe.

How does a vectorcam update work?

To carry out a vectorcam update, have a look at our video tutorial for the update. 

As of version 14.0.043 all data remains after deinstallation. Postprocessors, libraries, vectorcam settings, etc. won't deleted during the uninstallation.
After installing the new version, all data and settings are immediately available again. For safety reasons, we nevertheless recommend regular data backups!

Version updates for older versions should be initially backed up as usual and then uninstalled. Which files need to be backed up can be found here.

I have an update service, where can I find the latest vectorcam version?

If you have a valid update service, you can download the latest version from the customer area. Information on which version is currently the current version is shown on the right side of the service menu. The customer login can be found at the top right of this website.

vectorcam doesn't start
  1. Is the dongle plugged in correctly?
  2. Are your license data correctly entered in the license.ini file? This file is located in the folder in which you have installed vectorcam.
I get the message: "DLL has wrong version"

This message appears in case of a conflict with another vectorcam version on the computer. To eliminate this message, please proceed as follows

  1. Close the application vectorcam
  2. Start your Windows File Explorer
  3. Select the folder in which you have installed vectorcam. This is usually the folder "c: / Program Files (x86) / vectorcam" or "c: / Program Files / vectorcam".
  4. Right click on the program "vregister.exe" and select the option "run as administrator"
  5. Right click on the program "vectornc.exe" and select the option "run as administrator"
  6. Close the application immediately.

You should not see this message anymore. If it still appears, please contact our support:
Telefon: +49 (0) 52 51 – 1 80 80 – 0

Can I save my own personal settings / values?

All settings including the standard values that are displayed in the dialogue boxes can be stored individually. To save your personal data, please proceed as follows:

  • Open the dialog box in which you want to change a value. Enter the requested values in the dialogue box. Confirm your data with the “OK”-button.
  • Save the new data by using in the menu “Special, settings, presettings” the menu-item “save private” and confirm with the “OK”-button. Now your data are saved.
How to install a post processor?

Post processor – files must be saved in the vectorcam – subfolder “cfg “.Postprozessor – The files located in this folder are automatically displayed in the selection window at the “NC Open” command from vectorcam.

Post processor – files are identified by the file extension “.cfg”.

Define folder and file ID for NC programs

For every NC-machine, a separate folder and a NC file identification can be established. The setting is made in the post-processor (vectorNC) in the menu – “Option-File ID Import / Export “.

Dialog box “File identification Import / Export “:

The folder and the file ID can be specified for exporting and importing separately. More information can be found in the online help.

How to increase the performance of the 3D graphics?

When using CAD / CAM software, PC's are usually used with two built-in graphics cards (an on-board graphics and a high-performance graphics card from NVidia or AMD).

In the default setting, the graphics are usually set in such a way that the system decides (especially in notebooks) when to choose which of the two graphics cards to use. This means that only when more graphics performance is required, the high-performance graphics card will be activated. As a result, the graphics are usually slowed down.

In order to ensure that full graphic performance is always available for vectorcam, it is therefore advisable to specify in the graphics settings that the high-performance graphics card should always be used when using vectorcam.