vectorcam software demonstration

live and free of charge

Our online demonstration

In the online demonstration, we first connect to your PC via the Team Viewer. If you agree, you can then transmit the remote control to our employee. Only screen contents are displayed but no data is transferred! So the connection is completely secure. Our technical consultants can then show you the procedure for your specific topics with vectorcam "Live" on your screen.

Demonstration on site

Experience vectorcam at a demonstration on site at your companies premises. You do not have to worry about anything. Depending on the requirements, our application engineers bring along a laptop, monitor or video projector. You are also welcome to send us some data in advance, on the basis of which we then align the demonstration. Of course, we also respond to questions that arise during the screening.

Demonstration in Paderborn

In order to get to know the CAM system without any interruption, we also offer a demonstration in our demonstration centre in Paderborn (Technologiepark 9, 33100 Paderborn). Here you will find the best technical conditions for the demonstrations. You are also welcome to bring along some of your data or send it to us in advance. We will then present the CAM program vectorcam directly to you based on your data.

Free demonstration

Your personal vectorcam demonstration is free of charge. We are happy to answer any questions that might appear during that demonstration. Of course, we support you with your questions around the entire software extent of vectorcam up to the connection to your NC machine. To organize a demonstration, please contact our staff by phone or e-mail. For an appointment please call the + 49 (0) 52 51 - 1 80 80 - 0 or send us a request with your appointment requests using the form below:

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