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The acquisition of our CAM software is an investment in the future and ensures competitiveness. That is why we offer our customers various financing solutions.

In the following, we present the different license models. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Most customers decide to purchase our vectorcam CAM software directly. The individual modules and licenses are purchased and allow the user to use the software without restriction and for an unlimited period. 

Depending on requirements, additional modules / functions can be added at any time. When purchasing the software, the current software version of vectorcam is delivered. Free updates are available in connection with a service or maintenance contract. We offer different payment intervals for the payment of maintenance fees.

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If you would like to avoid the initial investment, leasing is an interesting option. For leasing, we are happy to work with your house bank or our partners at MMV Leasing GmbH or Grenke AG. The design of the leasing object is flexible, i.e. not only software licenses but also services can be included in the package.

After expiration of the credit financing, the software is freely available to the customer, usually against payment of a small residual value. Advantages of leasing are the spreading of costs over the pre-agreed leasing period, as well as the avoidance of a large initial investment. Depending on tax law, the leasing installments can be included directly as an expense in accounting.

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Installment plan

With lease-purchase, too, the investment is spread over the agreed term. As with leasing, the composition of the lease-purchase object can be flexibly designed, i.e. software licenses and services for the introduction of the software can be included in the package.

In the case of lease-purchase, the accounting and depreciation of the leased object takes place directly at the customer's premises. At the end of the lease-purchase term, the right of use is automatically transferred to the customer without any further residual payment.

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In this model, the software does not become the customer's property, regardless of the useful life. In technical jargon, the term "Software as a Service" (SaaS) is often used for leasing. 

The principle is very simple: monthly fees must be paid over the entire period of use. These are based on the number of modules rented. Maintenance costs and service/support are included in the rental fees. This means that the customer enjoys the right to updates as well as free support from our technicians. Rental is interesting for companies that want to avoid an initial investment. Young companies or start-ups for which third-party financing is not yet possible also benefit from this financing model. 

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