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On our vectorcamTV Youtube Channel you will find videos about vectorcam as well as various other tutorials.

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Lindner CNC-Technik | Customer video

Today we have a customer video for you from our customer Lindner CNC-Technik.

4 - axis engraving | vectorcamTV

In our new tutorial, we would like to show you how to unwind two-dimensional contours on a cylinder and then engrave them on a machine with a fourth axis in several infeeds. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us! Have fun watching.

METAV WebSessions software theme days

The METAV WebSessions entered its second round in October 2020. After the premiere of the format in June was so successful, a slightly modified second edition was organized. We didn't miss the opportunity to take part in the WebSessions theme days for software again and presented all the common functions of our 3D milling module on a practical component. We had a lot of fun again! In November, we will continue with the "Automation and Handling" theme days. We wish all speakers and participants a lot of fun.

Stock with undercuts | vectorcam

Today we would like to give you a small preview and show you a function that our maintenance customers will receive with the next update: Unmachined part with undercuts in the 3D milling module, z-constant roughing. You are not a maintenance customer but are interested in this function and/or have questions about it? Get in touch with us!

METAV WebSessions | vectorcam GmbH

Since the METAV 2020 had to be canceled in its anniversary year of all years, the organizers came up with something very special: At the METAV WebSessions, exhibitors were given the opportunity to present their products virtually. We also took the opportunity to present our software and its benefits. All common functions of our 3D milling module were demonstrated on a practical component. Many thanks to the METAV team and the IndustryArena for the great organization of this virtual event!

Setup sheet | vectorcam

In production, it is important that the programmed processing is carried out correctly by the CNC machine. Errors can occur here, especially when several employees are machining the same parts. To avoid these disruptive factors, there are vectorcam set-up sheets that show the user exactly how the raw part is to be machined. Once the report has been created, a PDF file is output that contains or summarizes all the important information about the programmed part. In our latest video, we show you how to use the set-up sheet. Have fun watching it.

Stock manager | vectorcam

Today we would like to introduce you to our new stock manager and how to use it. Have fun looking at it.

Clamping device manager | vectorcam

Today we would like to introduce you to our new clamping device manager and its use in the 3D milling module.

Feature hole helix & pocket circle | vectorcam

Just in time for EMO, we are once again presenting many new features in our vectorcam version. We would like to show you in advance how you can make your production even more efficient with our NC features drill milling and circular pocket. 

5-axis simultaneous milling projected curve

In our latest video, we would like to introduce you to the vectorcam projected curve from the 5-axis simultaneous milling module. This function can be used to project contours, curves or even texts onto one or more selected surfaces. In this video we show you another possible application of projection milling.

Feature fillet outer | vectorcam

In our latest tutorial, we would like to introduce you to a new function from the milling feature fillet outer. With this NC feature, outer fillets can be milled with a quarter circle tool as well as with a ball end or torus mill.

Feature fillet inner | vectorcam

Today we would like to introduce you to a new function from the milling feature fillet inner. The "fillet inner" function enables quick and easy machining of workpieces with a ball or torus milling cutter. 

vectorcam Trade show video

vectorcam is an advanced software program that can be used to program both simple and complex components quickly and easily. Our aim is to ensure that our customers can always work under the most up-to-date conditions.

5-axis roughing | vectorcam

Whether end mills, torus, ball nose end mills, conical tool or lolipop tool are used, our 5-axis milling module supports all common milling toolsto optimally machine your workpiece. In today's video, we show you how you can efficiently machine your workpiece with 5-axis roughing.

Undercuts with 3-axis | vectorcam

In our next video, we will show you how you can use undercuts with a new function in the Z constant. 

3D roughing - holder collision test | vectorcam

Just in time for our 25th birthday, our latest vectorcam version is available. As always, this new vectorcam version has many new features. You can definitely look forward to it. In the following weeks we would like to introduce you to the revised modules of our latest vectorcam version.

XZ profil curve in 2D milling

In our new video, we would like to show you how you can trace a XZ profile with the 2D milling module.

3-axis multiple clamping

In this video, we show you how you can program your components quickly and easily by clamping them simultaneously with vectorcam.

3D X parallel finishing

This tutorial shows the new "X-Parallel" function from the 3D milling module. Using a pre-roughing component, we will show you how you can optimize it in just a few steps using the new function.

Constant cusp with guide curve

In this tutorial, you will learn about the guide curve from the constant cusp from the 3D milling module.

3D milling flat lands

This tutorial shows one of our 3D functions. This is the "Flat lands" function. The flat surfaces of a pre-roughing component are finished in just a few steps.

5 axis swarf milling

Swarf milling is a popular function from our 5-axis simultaneous finishing machines. Here we show you this function.

5 axis finishing

After showing swarf milling using a model in the last video tutorial, this time we would like to show another function of the 5-axis simultaneous module. We will now show multi-axis finishing on the same component.

3D Z constant finishing

Our new tutorial is from the field of 3D milling and shows Z-constant finishing. The component we are using to show you the function has already been pre-rough and is now to be finished in a few places.

2D milling

Tips and tricks for 2D milling can be found in this vectorcam video tutorial. Learn how to mill pockets, chamfers and contours using a 2D drawing.

Groove cut

In our new video tutorial, you will learn about groove cut with vectorcam lathe module.