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Tutorial: Grundlagen Titelbild

The selection / Basics

In this Tutorial you learn the basics, the selection of Geometry (Point, Line, Arc, curve, contour/chain, surface etc.). In some cases, directions and sequences are important. Some examples of the importance of this function is shown in detail.


Tutorial. Taschenfräsen Titelbild

Pockets with islands and Rest milling

This example shows pocket milling based on a 2D contour with island and Rest milling. The first pocket mill operation use a tool with a big diameter. The second operation, with a small toll, calculates a tool path only for rest material.


vectorcam Tutorial: Tasche schruppen

Pocket milling based on a 3D model

This Example shows a pocket milling function based on a 3D model (see the yellow surfaces). The NC-Feature – Pocket milling has many possibilities. The function calculates automatically open/closed or multi step pockets.


vectorcam Tutorial: NC-Features

Milling drilling 3D model with NC-Features

The example shows a 3D model, which is milled with different NC-Features. You learn the fast and effectiv way with form-features.


vectorcam Tutorial: z-konstant schruppen

3D Z-Level roughing

Learn the basis of vectorcam cnc programming the nozzle head of a hair dryer with 3D Z-Level Milling. This function includes a lot of possibilities. You will also create a boxstock based on the 3D model, define a parting plane and various options to meet the milling function.


vectorcam Tutorial: z-Konturtasche

2,5D pocket mill Z-contour

Pocket milling with island on different Z levels. The function calculate automatically the toolpath with the different z levels.



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